10 Fun Things you can Do With Friends at Home When Bored

Have some quality time with your friends at home with these fun things.


Lounging around in the privacy of your own home with your friends is one of the most underrated activities where you can be comfortable, escape societal norms, and spend an intimate day together, something which you certainly can’t do publicly.

Hanging out in the comfort of your home is not only cost-effective but with readily available resources, you and your friends can attempt something exciting and fresh while creating new memories.

Here are our top ten fun things to do with your friends at home when bored:

Making A Parody of Your Favorite Show

Whether it is a sitcom or a show that’s packed with suspense, you can always spin it into creating an enjoyable parody.

There’s always something immensely comedic about a low budget, home shot videos with over-the-top acting, and poorly assembled wardrobe attempting its best to mimic the original character.
This idea would surely have you and your friends tumbling with laughter, and the shaky camera can be passed off as a special effect too!

Watching A ‘Bad’ Movie

Movie time with your friends is an old classic that will never go out of fashion. However, the only way to elevate your experience is to watch a low-rating movie so ‘bad’ that it’s good. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? However, the ridiculousness of it all makes it an enjoyable watch, especially paired with great inevitable commentary!

Karaoke Night:

An evening of karaoke is a great way to spend time together with your friends. Belting out the beats to the latest chart hits or singing your heart out on a blast from the past is the perfect way to bond with your friends!

Plus, since everyone will be having so much fun, no one’s going to notice that you missed out on a lyric or whether you can sing or not!

Paint In

Nothing more therapeutic than expressing your creativity with a splash of color and a few brushstrokes, and having your friends along with you just doubles the fun! All you would need are a few small canvases, acrylic paints, and brushes to try your hand at becoming the next Picasso(s).
Moreover, there is plenty of painting inspiration, and beginner tutorials found online to give you a little push to have a productive day with your friends.


Another classic activity that is perfect for some light-hearted fun with your friend. It’s always an enjoyable sight to see your friends desperately trying to guess which obscure phrase you’re trying to act out simply from your crazy hand gestures and body movements in a restricted time frame.

Bake It Off

Craving something sweet? Find a recipe for any delectable treat you desire to try out together with your friends. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a box brownie mix, a quick microwave dessert, or one that requires hours to cool in the fridge after spending its time in the oven; just make sure to have fun in the process!
To spice it up, you can bake separate desserts or team up and host a tasting competition to see who mastered their culinary expertise the best.

Host an English Evening Tea Party

We all remember hosting tea parties as young kids; who’s to say we can’t replicate it as adults? If the characters on Downton Abbey can do it, so can we!
Gather your friends together and dress up in your fanciest gowns and dresses, taking leisurely sips of your hot tea while conversing in an exaggerated English accent.

With that appropriate music playing in the background to enhance the ‘royal’ ambiance, this idea is undoubtedly one for the books (and your Instagram feed!) that would leave you and your friends thoroughly amused.

Do a Photo Op

This is the ideal opportunity for you and your friends to express your creativity through different means. By having a photoshoot, you can work on various exciting tasks together, such as wardrobe, makeup, and designing innovative props to make your pictures stand out more.

Furthermore, this is a great avenue to highlight or practice your photography skills in clicking aesthetic pictures that would serve as a wonderful reminder of the fun day you all spent together.

Compile a Scrapbook

If by any chance, you have a printer at home and loads of pictures, documenting your adventures and days with your friends is the perfect activity for you!
Not only is it a scrapbook memorializing your cherished moments with your closest friends, but it’s also a great throwback to laugh over your past selves and get-togethers while appreciating how much you have progressed as companions over the past years.

Have a Lazy Day

Don’t you ever want to just lounge around in your house in your nightwear because you’re too lazy to get dressed and make an effort? I’m convinced your friends to feel the same way too, so invite them over to enjoy a lazy day with you as well!

Order your favorite take-in and enjoy each other’s company by playing low-effort questionnaire games or have a discussion night. Not only is this a great way to bond, but it’s the perfect opportunity to understand your friends and their perspectives in depth. Plus, they might throw in a detail that would give you a great idea of what to get them on their next birthday!

These are just ten different ideas that you and your friends can do to spend quality time together at home whenever you are bored. However, just because your physical space is restricted doesn’t mean your imagination has to. There are endless activities you can do together and have fun as long as you enjoy each other’s presence.

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