Good Character Traits Essential For Happiness

To live a life of happiness, one needs to be content within themselves. The way to do it is to be satisfied with who they are.


“Character is not ready-made but is created bit by bit and day by day.”

– Edna Lyall

A person who cares about their growth and works on it is admirable. It is a constant struggle to be a better person but it is worth it. Our thoughts make up who we are and we can nurture them to be of the best kind by investing in ourselves.

“A man is nothing but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

How many times have you looked at a person and thought that they looked beautiful but their personality did not add up? There are a lot of us who forget that a beautiful heart is worth 100x a pretty face. Personality is what makes and breaks a person. Good looks can only last so long. With admirable personality traits in your arsenal, you can win over the whole world.

Do you know the most satisfying feeling in the world? It is knowing that you can work on yourself to become an even greater version of yourself. The entire human species seems to be involved in the race or success but where does that get them? A large portion of the population is not happy. How can happiness be achieved? One path is to try every day to bring about improvement within ourselves.

Best Positive Character Traits in Good Person

Everyone has a different opinion on what the best character traits are, it is a subjective topic. We think that positive character traits make your and others’ lives richer. Your personality characteristics should bring about a positive change in your life.

A few good personality traits that come to mind in this area are ambitiousness, optimism, emotional stability, and enthusiasm. These are the traits that will not only sustain you but will enrich your life.

Human beings are indeed social animals. It means that you cannot be the best version of yourself if you are not having a positive impact on others’ lives. What character traits are needed for that? Off the top of our heads, we would name generosity, compassion, kindness, and being encouraging to other people.

How Positive Traits Can Impact Life

Some people fail to see the direct link between developing positive character traits and leading a happy life. We are here to show them the light. When a person identifies a few personality traits, his journey begins. The achievement of the goal gives one a sense of self-confidence. Most importantly, the personality traits that we will be talking about are all positive. They are going to turn your life around for the better.

The traits are such that they balance out your emotions, improve your mental health and social life. They are the good character traits that will help you recognize yourself better. The journey we will take you on will help you identify your needs and wants.

Ultimately, by developing good personality traits, you will become a healthy person in all aspects for yourself and the world.

Can Personality Traits be Learned? How?

It is true that there is a strong genetic disposition to our personalities but did you know that our environment has a humungous effect on them? Scientists have found out that personality traits can be learned.

Do you think that your personality is the same that you had around eight years ago? It is not. Some personality aspects are pretty stale but others change with age. The changes in your personality are brought about by the thousands of interactions that you’ve had with your environment.

There are some personality traits that you can learn over time. All you will need to do is practice the acts that characterize them constantly. Soon, they will become a part of you. A few examples of such traits are kindness, honesty, optimism, self-discipline, loyalty, etc.

List of Good Positive Character Traits

It is an admirable effort that you want to improve within yourself. With a list at hand, it will be possible for you to have something concrete to follow on your journey to become a better person. We would like to emphasize that learning and incorporating new personality traits take time so be patient with yourself.

1. Integrity

Integrity immediately translates into sticking to one’s moral principles and being strictly honest. A person with this trait remains true to themselves even if no one is watching. If you have integrity, people will trust you with their dealings. Integrity is an honorable trait to have. It is one of the highest medals in terms of character traits.

2. Conscientiousness

A person possessing conscientiousness is careful and diligent about everything. You can know you have this trait if you are organized and efficient which should make your life easier. You will find yourself making fewer blunders in your decision and garnering much more success than others.

People might consider it to be high maintenance but you need to remember it differently. It is about living efficiently but not overburdening yourself.

3. Honesty

You can check whether you have honesty within you if you are fair and truthful to yourself and others. Being honest means being transparent about the matter at hand. Armed with this, you will be mentally at peace and people will prefer to be around you. Lies needlessly complicate life. They should not be on anyone’s moral compass.

We do not expect you to become a saint. It would be good for you to be honest with the people most dear to you.

4. Loyalty

A person who is faithful to another human being or even a cause would be called loyal. Ever wonder why dogs are called man’s best friends? It is because they are loyal to them. When you have loyalty towards someone or something, you feel a sense of belonging to that particular person/thing.

With loyalty sown in your soul, you will have relationships as strong as Hulk is.


The ability to always look on the brighter side can be known as optimism. It is an important personality trait to develop and nurture as it helps your mental health. With it, you will be positively able to affect others around you. Optimism will raise your happiness levels like no other thing.

Whenever you are down in the dumps, think of optimism as your lifeboat. It tends to work better than any other drug.

6. Responsibility

One of the good character traits to have is responsibility. Responsibilities are not the same for everyone. It can be that they are similar for different roles for people. For example, the responsibilities of fathers are very similar all around the world.

When you are responsible, you will work hard to make good on your word. It will allow you to focus on your duties towards yourself and the people you hold important.

7. Perseverance

Perseverance is when you go after your objective or goal no matter how difficult the path gets. Have you ever heard of people advancing in their lives because they gave up quickly? No one has.

Perseverance is the trait that makes a person successful in every part of their life. If you persevere, you will achieve all your dreams. Whenever you feel like giving up, just push yourself a little harder.

8. Humility

Often characterized as a virtue, humility is being humble within and about yourself. Nobody likes a person who brags a lot. An indirect way to win over people is to have humility.

If you want to grow as a person, you must develop humility. With it, you will never oversell yourself nor will you encroach on someone’s rights.

9. Ambitiousness

Do you ever feel it in your bones that you have to achieve something no matter what? It is also called ambitiousness and will get you far in life. It is good to be ambitious about everything in your life as long as you don’t overdo it.

Burnout is a real psychological phenomenon and you do not want it. Keep a balance when you are exerting your energy after your ambitions.

10. Respectfulness

It is a personality that allows you to give people regard for their feelings and who they are as people. Respectfulness will allow you to foster safe and amicable relationships with others. It will give you a newfound lens through which to look at the world.

Can you imagine how peaceful the world will be if everyone was respectful to the next person? It would be like paradise.

11. Kindness

Every person possessing good personality traits should include kindness in their repertoire. You will be called a kind person when are sympathetic, understand, and helpful to the people around you. It will directly have a good impact on other people but it will also give you the necessary softness in your personality.

It is important to spread your kindness to your species. Be kind to animals and plants. Never harm anything or anyone.

12. Considerate

Are you caring towards fellow human beings? Are you polite? If so, you will be called a considerate person. To give consideration to others is a sure way to invite good karma to yourself in the future.

If you are considerate to someone, there will surely come a day when they give it back to you.

13. Politeness

Politeness comes out of good manners and strong ethics. To be polite, you will have to be respectful towards other people. You can take it up a notch and start speaking in softer tones and using kind words. It will earn you countless plus points in life.

A person is indeed taught politeness at home but if you were not, you can develop it.

14. Fairness

Fairness is said to be dispensed when one person deals with others in a just manner. We all want to be dealt with fairly. When you are fair to someone, you give them exactly what they deserve. If you are fair to others, you will never overexert yourself in your social life nor would you be caught slacking off.

If you have trouble being fair, just ask yourself how you would like to be treated in that particular situation.

15. Courageousness

Courageousness is to embody bravery. It is to have the heart of a lion in the body of a human. If you make it a part of your personality, people will flock around you. Not only that, you will be able to take on any endeavor that you think of. Fear will not completely vanish but you will be able to vanquish it.

With courageousness within you, you will be to take on the stormy seas and the tallest mountains.

16. Compassion

It is when you have deep emotions for other people’s troubles. It is feeling care for another being as much as you would care for yourself. Compassion is not only feeling the emotion but is also the ability to show it to the target person.

Always express your compassion through actions or at least by using tasteful words. People who are sad would always appreciate your words of compassion.

17. Thoroughness

It counts as one of the positive traits in a person. It is when you are careful, vigilant, and attentive to a task, mission, or journey. If you can discover this within yourself, you will be able to do every activity in your life properly.

Remember that you are no sloppy Susan hence you will go through all the motions to get something done right.

18. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is counted as one of the positive character traits because it allows you to cultivate strong social relationships. It is the ability to let go of any wrongdoing o another individual. It will take a lot of time to develop this trait because it is hard to move on. Once you do, you will have less burden on your shoulder and in your heart.

The first step would be to ask yourself whether you would like to be forgiven for your mistakes or not. Once you accept that you will like forgiveness from others, you would be inclined to give it to others too.

19. Self-disciplined

Self-discipline is having the power to encourage yourself to keep going on. When you have self-discipline, you will continue on your path no matter how you feel mentally, emotionally, or physically. It is the trait that will serve as your guiding light throughout your life.

Why does self-discipline come under good personality traits? Self-discipline will carry you through life smoothly. You will be able to control your emotions in a healthy manner. If you feel that you have any weak points, you will be able to overcome them with time. Nourish it enough and you can use it to climb the ladder of life high.

20. Reliability

Reliability comes close to consistency and resilience wrapped in a strong package. When you have reliability, you are true to yourself and your goals. If people find you reliable, they would trust you with their secrets and take your word as it is.

Reliability is a healthy trait as it will propel you forward in terms of your achievements. If you develop and maintain it, you would be able to trust yourself.

21. Lovingness

Do you have the ability to love? One would argue that all humans love but not all love at the same level. The more you develop this quality, the more your life will become appealing. You will be able to find beauty in everything and life will be worth living.

As with kindness, put in your all to develop lovingness not only for your fellow humans but everything else too. Every life form on this planet will be able to benefit from this trait of yours.

22. Generosity

The personality trait which lets you give freely and abundantly. It could be money, objects, or even emotions. To be generous is to have an open heart in a positive manner. With your generosity, you can make the world a better place.

Imagine if you can spread the joy that you feel upon receiving a gift. With generosity, you would be doing exactly that.

23. Authenticity

Authenticity is similar to honesty but the difference is that this revolves around the person. You are authentic if you are true to yourself. One of the good character traits, it will give you the freedom to live your life with confidence. You will be truly at one with yourself. You will feel that you are settled in your life and will be able to overcome challenges easily.

Practice and grow this trait if you often feel trouble within yourself. If you have storms raging in your heart, authenticity might help you calm them down. It is one of the harder traits to develop hence you would need to put in continuous efforts.

24. Encouraging

Under our list of positive traits in a person, we have encouraging which means to uplift others. You can start building this trait by being appreciative of others and helping them realize their potential. You would be helping others realize and even achieve their dreams.

Why do people love cheerleaders? They bring hope to the masses. You just have to be a cheerleader for others.

25. Enthusiasm

The personality trait of enthusiasm means to openly and expressively admire things in life. If you are an enthusiastic person, people would love to be around you because you will serve as their light in the darkness. To develop this trait, you would need to know and accept yourself as you are.

Luckily enough, if you master this trait, you would automatically help people around you. They would soak in your positivity and thrill for life. In a way, you would be giving them renewed energy in different situations.

26. Industriousness

People often confuse it with conscientiousness but there is a significant difference. When you are industrious, you love to work hard. You will burn the midnight oil no matter what. The persistence you will show will be unparalleled to anything else.

An industrious person does not back down in the face of adversity. They keep plowing on no matter what. Develop it and you would not find many things hard in life.

27. Emotional Stability

Emotional stability is one trait that will bring about happiness in your life. It is the ability to regulate your emotions in a healthy way. Once you can cultivate it, you will see your mental health soaring. It will even have a positive impact on your physical health. Another benefit is that it is bound to strengthen your social bonds which will ultimately improve your mental health.

28. Curiosity

Intellectual curiosity will bring you closer to self-actualization in life. The thirst for knowledge of any kind is curiosity. If you are a curious cat, you will love solving complex problems. Curiosity would make you more receptive to new ideas. New avenues of the world and your mind will open up. When new challenges will come, you will not shy away, instead, you will face them head-on.

29. Gratitude

It means to be thankful for anything in your life. Why develop gratitude? Once you start appreciating what you do have in your life, you will soon become a positive person. Gratitude can be towards objects, people, yourself, or the events that you are grateful for.

30. Adaptability

The last on our list of good personality traits is adaptability. Adaptability essentially means the ability to adjust and eventually thrive in new situations. Life throws a lot of curveballs so it is a good idea to learn how to adjust to every one of them. Unpredictability is the only constant in life hence adaptability is the trait that you need urgently.

So What Do You Think

It might seem like a long journey but remember, it is worth it. In the end, you will be satisfied to know that you sculpted your personality with your blood and sweat. Nobody would be able to take that achievement away from you. You would be solely responsible for such an applaud-worthy act. What other personality traits do you think are worth mentioning? Leave a comment down below and let us know the traits that you admire.

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